Martin Chisholm

Martin Chisholm started his career in historic motorcars during the early 1980s with Christies, the renowned London firm of auctioneers, building a foundation of sound practice and invaluable contacts that few other positions within the industry can offer. Following a number of years in the historic motor car department, he moved over to the retail side of the industry, to work at Porters of Kensington within the 'golden square mile' of exclusive historic motor traders in South Kensington.  

Having attained the level of Director at Porters he was headhunted back into the auction world, this time to the position of Head of the Historic Car Department and Director of Sotheby’s.  After a number of successful years at Sotheby’s, Martin left to set up Martin Chisholm Collectors Cars Ltd.,  his own independent brokerage and advisory company based in Kensington, London.

 He soon relocated to the Cotswolds to expand his services into retail, and an exclusive car storage and concierge service to meet demand from a steadily expanding client base.

Operating at the top end of the historic car market for almost 30 years has imbued Martin with a level of experience, reputation and contacts not often paralleled in a crowded and fickle market.  An enthusiasm for strategically building clients' car collections and managing their motoring assets both abroad and in the UK has retained a loyalty from many customers spanning over 20 years.

The historic car market is hugely varied, there are endless possibilities and not everyone can or has the time to navigate its opportunities and options with confidence.  Connoisseur or enthusiast, avid collector or fledgling investor, all may benefit from the advice and guidance of a trusted authority.