• Chassis Number     : 1421GT
  • Engine Number     : 1421/Numero Interno 472 
  • Gearbox Number  : 237
  • Axle Number         : 495
  • Registration         :  654 YUY



By letter dated November 18th 2013 the curator of the Maranello Concessionaires Archive confirmed that the 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe with chassis number 1421 was manufactured by Ferrari SpA in 1959, finished in Black with Red leather interior, and delivered to the USA market in September of that year. 

The Pininfarina records provide additional detail with the car being completed on April 22nd 1959, finished in Black with Red Leather #3171, and destined for delivery in California USA. 


The car has undergone a complete inspection as part of the ‘Ferrari Classiche’ verification process which has been approved by the factory at Maranello and the full certification has been issued. 


1967 – purchased by Mr Ben Richardson of Indianapolis when the mileage was 58,000 via the Ferrari specialist Dan Delamater who held that the car had been owned by Joe Marchetti, the well-known Chicago-based Ferrari dealer and founder of the ‘Chicago Historic Races’

1995 – twenty eight years later the car was sold by Mr Richardson to Mr Tom Walgamuth with the mileage at 76,000

2012 – seventeen years later the car was sold to the present owner and imported into the UK. The mileage is now 77,565 and the history file provides ample evidence that this mileage is correct though not guaranteed as such.


The car has been registered in the USA, and in the UK with a V5C Registration Certificate 

5.    M.O.T.

Though exempt from an MOT due to its age (pre-1960) a new MOT was secured in November 2013 as an additional verification of the car’s roadworthiness since when the car has travelled less than one hundred miles 


This is a matching-numbers ‘Series One’ example of the 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe, fitted with the rare and much sought-after ‘Tipo 128’ inside plug engine, drum brakes, and 16” Borrani wheels.

Ferrari manufactured only 353 examples of the 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe, of which the first 170 were to ‘Series One’ specification before the introduction of the subsequent 183 cars utilising the later ‘outside plug’ engine – which later became known as the ‘Series Two’. Since the ‘Tipo 128’ engine of the Series One cars is identical to that used in the most expensive sports racing Ferraris of the era, such as the Testa Rossa or Tour de France, many of the first examples of the 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe were used in the 1980’s and 1990’s as donors for replicas of these models. As a consequence the 250 GT Registry estimates that of the original production of 353 only 173 examples survive today, even fewer of which are Series One examples.   

7.    COLOURS 

Finished in Grigio Fumo with the roof painted in Nero (Black) and trimmed in Red Hide (VM3171) with Red carpets.


During 2012 and 2013 the car underwent the following very detailed and exhaustive restoration:

A. Body

Stripped to bare metal throughout with all windows and trim removed, a process which revealed very little corrosion and no accident damage. Extensive preparation ensured that excellent shut lines and body contours were maintained with the final painting culminating six months preparation work

B. Chassis & Floor

Stripped to bare metal the chassis was found to be in excellent structural condition, with the floor panels, boot floor, inner sills, outriggers, and jacking points repaired and replaced only as necessary

C. Chrome & Trim 

All the metal trim and finishing to the car has been either rechromed or replated, including minor items often overlooked such as the seat struts 

D. Rubber Trim 

New seals and rubbers have been used throughout, including sourcing windshield and rear window rubbers from the original Italian supplier Cignonanti

E. Interior

The leather and carpets have been renewed throughout, including new foam for the seat cushions and backs, the work performed by a very experienced Aston Martin and Ferrari trimmer.

The headliner and sun visors are original and in excellent condition. Of particular relevance, and an important indicator of how the car has been maintained throughout its fifty five years, the dash top above the instrument panel is original and in excellent condition without the usual deterioration suffered from over exposure to the weather or sun

The bonnet pad is original and in excellent condition, and the boot has been retrimmed throughout using the same pattern as the original

F. Steering Wheel 

The original Nardi steering wheel has been fully rebuilt and polished 

G. Borrani Wheels & Michelin Tyres 

The original 16” 5.5 Borrani wheels have been fully rebuilt by Wire Wheel Specialists Ltd and fitted with new Michelin ‘Pilote Sport’ radial tyres

H. Exhaust System

Stainless Exhaust Specialists Ltd fabricated a complete exhaust system identical to the original, including new upper and lower manifolds. This system uses stainless steel of thicker and better quality to ensure that the proper sound is maintained. Fitted with all new exhaust  hangers throughout and painted black to meet the requirements of the ‘Ferrari Classiche’ process

I. Engine

The engine has been completely rebuilt by Vic Cotterall, one of the leading V12 Ferrari engine specialists in the UK, comprising:

  • Reboring the block and fitting new Wossner 73.5 mm pistons
  •  Refacing the top of the block
  • machining the valve seats and fitting new GS valves
  • Refacing the cylinder heads
  • Supplying and fitting a full set of Cosworth valve springs
  • Supplying and fitting updated/modified valve guides
  • Fitting the ‘T Rutlands’ roller adjusters and tappet screws
  • Fitting all new standard size main bearings, big end bearings, little end bearings, and thrust washers, sourced from Maranello
  • New timing chain from Maranello
  • Crankshaft polished and balanced, still at original size
  • Manufacturing a new dynamo pulley and key bolt
  • Mupplying and fitting an oil filter conversion kit
  • Fitting new bolts to the flywheel
  • Replacing head studs with new
  • Repairing the clutch pressure plate
  • Rebuilding the fuel filter and pump
  • Rebuilding the carburetors
  • New points and leads to distributors
  • Manufacturing new bushes for the oil pump
  • Fitting new rear main oil seal
  • Supplying and fitting new water pump seals and gaskets
  • Fabricating new water pipe to pattern
  • New gaskets throughout
  • Supply and fit new engine mount supports

J. Gearbox & Clutch

  • Repairing clutch mechanism
  • Stripping gearbox, honing the gears, and fitting new bushes and bearings
  • Supplying and fitting new synchro rings
  • Repairing selector fork mechanism
  • Supplying and fitting new oil seals
  • Manufacturing new clutch release parts

K. Fuel System


  • Fabricating new fuel pipe ferrules
  • Supplying and fitting new fuel hoses
  • Overhauling the fuel pumps with new diaphragms
  • Removing, stripping, cleaning and refitting the fuel tank
  • Overhaul and rebuild the carburettors

I.  Distributors

  • Check, adjust and lubricate
  • Fit new ‘O’ rings
  • Fit new points

L. Electrical

  • New flasher unit
  • Fitting new HT leads throughout
  • New black case battery
  • Use of original Marchal headlamp units

M. Brakes


  • Supplying new brake hoses to pattern
  • Fabricating new brake unions, fitting with new washers and banjo unions
  • Rebuilding wheel cylinders
  • Rebuild and refit brake adjusters

N. Suspension & Steering

  • Stripping and rebuilding as necessary
  • Plating key parts and fitting new nuts and fittings
  • Fitting new ball joint gaiters

 O. Miscellaneous

  • New handbrake cables
  • Repairing door lock and boot lock
  • Fabricating and fitting new belly pan


The car has a very extensive and detailed history file, including invoices for the restoration, and correspondence that validates the mileage on the odometer


An original too kit is one of the most important and sought after components of a vintage Ferrari, and few cars have been able to retain them. 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe #1421 still has its original tool kit which is of significant importance to the value of the car in the long term.

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